We’re now Bytecraft.org!

As you may have noticed, we are now running off of the bytecraft.org domain name (!), courtesy of the generous folks at GameHacking.org, who gave us the bytecraft.org domain name for free! Anyway, the server is now running on server.bytecraft.org, and that will soon be the only usable address for the server, so please switch over if you want to continue playing. Also, the featured screen today is of Beastly City, made by BeastlyNade, a very nice and well-planned city that’s looking for more residents. See you all online!

The warp at beastly city.
A view of the warp at Beastly City.

Grass, Trees, Ice, and Promotions

I’ve just added OtherBlocks, a neat new plugin that enables apples, grass, and ice blocks among others. For example, you can use gold shovels to have a chance of mining grass blocks from grass. As for the other stuff, head in-game and figure it out! Also, VIPs and above can now promote people, so go ahead and bug them if you want rights and I’m not online. Today’s screenshot is MTCD01’s path to Vineyard—he’s been working on connecting the server with roads, and he’s got a new town in the works. Anyway, see you all in-game!

Finally Up-to-Date!

The golden arches, in-game.
The Golden Arches, made by Win2LevelUp.

ByteCraft is finally caught up to the current release build, and we’re looking home free as far as stability and lag. We’ve moved back to LogBlock from the temporary stopgap, BigBrother, and I’ve added the /ignore <player&#62 and /realname <player&#62 commands to Builders. With these, you can ignore anyone that you feel should be, and you can see who people are behind their nicknames. Also, we’re now listed on MCServerList and Minestatus, so please head to both and vote for us! See you online!

And off we go…

Alrighty, it looks like it’s about time to get this server off the ground. I’ve just put the site up today, so please excuse any remaining lorem ipsum around the place (like on the home page). Anyway, ByteCraft (or ByteMC—haven’t really picked yet) is basically a survival server with a very large creative emphasis. As of tomorrow, we should be running CraftBukkit RB 1000 with several plugins, including LogBlock, LWC, Tombstone, and Essentials, so we’ve got a lot of extra functionality for everyone. Anyway, if you’re just checking us out, we’re ready to accept any and all new players! Tomorrow afternoon (around 3:00 PM CST), I’ll be on and happy to give rights. Oh, and this big castle I’ve put up is Big_Lobster’s project—our first featured build on ByteCraft. Ask to help if you’re interested! I’ll see everyone online!

Under construction at /warp castle!
Big’s Castle

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