Donations of $10 or more will provide you with the Donor rank. Some of the perks you will receive as a Donor is priority login, access to teleportation commands, the ability to summon a magic carpet, and you will be able to gain a higher number of GriefPrevention claim blocks than regular players.
Donations of $20 or more will provide you with the DonorPlus rank. On top of the previously mentioned Donor perks, you will also receive the ability to create a custom nickname, use colors in chat, and gain even more GriefPrevention claim blocks than Donors.
As time passes and we incorporate new plugins and features, we will be looking to add new perks and rewards for you. For example, maybe a special MobArena class only for Donors, access to more helpful commands and abilities, or who knows? If you have any ideas for donation perks, feel free to let us know!
To donate, click on and follow the link below (if given an option to choose either Goods or Services, choose Services)-

After you donate, please email Amdod at and give him your Minecraft username, as well as the name and email you used to donate. That way he’ll know which player donated what.

The donation ranks are cumulative, by the way. If you donate $10 to get the Donor rank in January, then $5 in February, and then $5 again in March, that would total to $20 (that’s some good math right there) and you would receive the DonorPlus rank then.

 You are also free to donate even if you’re already a DonorPlus or just don’t want any reward. Keeping the server up and running isn’t exactly cheap, so every little bit can be helpful.
[And for those who err on the side of caution, it does indeed link you to Amdod’s personal account, but 1) he’s the one who pays for the server, 2) he doesn’t use his PayPal account for anything else, and 3) he will never use the donations for his personal benefit, guaranteed.]

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