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Movin’ On Up

Hey everyone!

Dusk at a mushroom island, with Twili and Lith on the hill.

It seems to me that it’s about time to let everyone know what’s going on with the new world and the server in general. So, here we go!

Tomorrow, I plan to update the server to the new Bukkit version with all the plugins, assuming the basic plugins (WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Essentials, PermissionsEx, etc.) are working correctly. When the server is up and running, all Trusted players will be demoted to the Builder rank. For those of you that are currently Trusted, know that there’s a good chance you’ll be promoted back up pretty quickly, especially if you’re active on the server.

The new world will be 15,000 blocks by 15,000 blocks with normal-sized biomess; the Nether will be expanded to 3000 blocks by 3000 blocks. I’ve decided on a specific seed that gives us several mushroom biomes and not too much ocean to have to deal with, but for those who were wondering, there are no plans for any Skylands world. When Bukkit is up and running, everything will be built entirely without the aid of plugins. Spawn (which will now be 200 blocks by 200 blocks) and any other server- or admin-related projects will be built by hand, without and cheats or admin powers, and there will be no creative zones—it will be a survival server.

Lastly, please vote for the server here and here! It’s easy and helps us get more players, which means more donors and a longer life for the server! At one year and going strong, we’re older than many Minecraft servers and I’m hoping we’ll still be up and running next August!

EDIT: Due to slow upload speeds and the large size of the new map, the update will be delayed until tomorrow (Saturday).

Thanks for reading my mini-rant,

Plugins and Things

Hello everyone!

Daytime at /warp canopy.
Daytime at /warp canopy, a new town from Rashoni. Go check it out!

Over the past few days, I’ve been updating the server and switching out plugins (props to Twili for helping out!), so I figured it might be good to let everyone know what’s changed and what all you can do. So, here we go:

  • Game difficulty is now at normal, so watch out for them zombies!
  • Silk touch picks should now work correctly for spawners—no more pigs from skellies!
  • Death messages are back to default, as the custom ones were glitchy.
  • Three new plugins:
    • BlockHat, which allows you to wear blocks on your head.
    • Comfort, which lets you sit on steps by sneaking and then right-clicking.
    • Citizens, which let us finally finish the Hall of Donors at /spawn.
  • MagicCarpet is back for donors.
  • For Trusted, /tempban has been removed (you can still /demote).
  • LogBlock should now only work for Trusted+… in theory.
  • MobRider hasn’t been updated in forever, so I’m looking into an alternative.

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. If you have any questions, ask away on the forums or email me!


ByteCraft is Pleased to Announce….

Good news, everyone!

We here at ByteCraft are pleased to announce our merger with KiteCraft! To all of our players, old and new, welcome and make yourselves at home. As we go through this, please feel free to talk to myself, Yjeez, Neofreak, Veritas, DalaChri, or Twililink if you have any questions or concerns.

Just to make this clear, here’s what’s up: all connections (to and will now redirect to our server. Thanks so much for all the support, and I’ll see you online!


Waitin’ for Bukkit

Hey everybody!

So recently, when I saw the post on the comments page, I figured I should address what’s going to happen with the server update and our items. Based on what I’ve seen and heard from everybody, I’m thinking that I’ll put up both the old and new–meaning pre-1.0 and newly generated-worlds for a week. During this time, please put anything you want to keep from the 1.7 world in your inventory.

At the end of the week, make sure that all your stuff in the new world is not in your inventory—once we update, I’ll delete all the inventory files from the 1.0 folder and replace them with the old, 1.7 inventories. Note that during this time, you won’t be able to take items back and forth between the worlds. Anyway, let me know in the comments if you have any questions, and I’ll see ya later!


Journey to The End

Hey everybody!

Yep, that's what you should expect. Totes.

Since we’re on a temporary map right now (and Abbadonsin already killed the Enderdragon), I figured I’d go ahead and wipe The End and take everyone there later tonight around 10:30 or 11:00 PM CST. If you’re interested, let me know in the comments, or I’ll wait another day or so. Also, if you’re one of the few who uses the site (hey, twili), it would be nice if you’d encourage others to as well—it really helps when trying to spread news around. Thanks, and I’ll see you online!

EDIT: Sorry, my WiFi went crazy last night, so no End.


Minecraft 1.0!

MineCon! It’s here!

MineCon. Eighteenth and nineteenth of November, Las Vegas, Nevada.That means time for Minecraft 1.0, and a refresh for the server. Later today, as soon as the new version is available (probably around 3:00 PM PST), I’ll go ahead and put up the new version of the server. Note that this will mean a reset for the world, but I will post the old world here in case you’d like to go ahead and download it.

With this update, you should know that we’re going to lose all commands, including /home, /spawn, etc, until Bukkit updates for the new Minecraft release. During this time, I will have a temporary map up since we’ll probably be griefed a lot while we wait for Bukkit.

Anyway, I should be on a bunch tomorrow to moderate, but probably go ahead and give a couple of people op (don’t ask me about it) so that the server doesn’t fall to pieces overnight. That’s about all that I can think of now, so go ahead and comment if you have questions!


It’s Feedback Time!

Heya peeps,

A redstone feedback loop, with sheep!
A redstone feedback loop, with sheep!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet dead silent recently—I’ve had a lot going on with work and classes in the past couple of weeks. Anyway, to distract myself from working (and posting on here), I’ve been tweaking the server and the site! You’ll probably notice that Trusted can now use /quiz and /rights again, and we’ve got a new sleep notification system so we can keep track of who’s not getting in bed (me). Also, I’ve just added OtherBlocks, a nifty plugin that adds the ability to change the ways blocks drop. Here’s the list of new features you’ll see from this:

  • Stairs drop stairs (with the correct tools).
  • Ice has a chance to drop with a golden pick.
  • Grass has a chance to drop with a golden hoe.
  • Boats drop boats, and bookshelves drop bookshelves.
  • Glass drops glass.
  • Glowstone may drop glowstone with a golden pick.
  • Finally, leaf blocks now have a chance of dropping leaves, apples, or golden apples.

On the web side of things, there’s a useful little widget on the right side of the site now that shows the server status and player count—useful if you don’t want to start Minecraft to check. The donate page has also been updated to reflect the new perks and levels. Finally, the comments page has been revised to now include a more user-friendly, flexible suggestion system—head on over and tell me what you want!

See ya!

It’s Temp

Hey guys,

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what we’re going to to do with the new world and updates so here’s the plan:

For now, we’re on a temporary map (as in I’m going to wipe it) that will last until Bukkit and it’s plugins are updated. Then, we’ll generate a new world, with protections, etc. in place, and it will be the main world. However, the old world will be present for those who already played on it–not for new players. So basically, if you get griefed or die on this world, don’t worry about it.

Also, for the time being, all commands, including /home and /spawn are gone due to the update; they’ll be back once Bukkit updates. Anyways, if you have any questions, just comment on this!

UPDATE: The Bukkit team is taking a while on the update due to the huge changes in Minecraft with this update, but it looks like a stable build will be out tomorrow (9/21), so I’ll be updating the server either late tomorrow or sometime Thursday.


Hey! Email Me!

Hey guys!

Endermen from the 1.8 preview!

So I’ve been having a bit of an issue with donations since I first started dealing with servers, and it’s pretty silly, so I thought I’d let everyone know. If and when you donate to the server, please make sure to email me with the name and email you used to donate, along with your in-game name; otherwise, I have no idea who to credit the donation to, and that’s no fun for anyone. Anyway, that’s about it–oh, but I couldn’t think of a good screen for this, so here’s a shot of some endermen from the 1.8 preview! See you online!


Minecraft 1.8

Hey guys!

I know I said several times to several people that I would make a post about what’s going to happen with the new update in a few days, but I lost my internet access (xP), so I kinda couldn’t. Anyway, I’ve finally found the time and the wifi to do it, so here goes.

With the 1.8 update, as with any update, we’ll have a temporary world until we can update Bukkit and restore griefer protection. So basically, we’ll just go crazy on the temp world–build stuff, destroy stuff, but most importantly, explore! With all the new awesomeness in 1.8, don’t forget to go find it all!

As for the state of the world(s) when Bukkit is back up, the staff and I haven’t really decided yet. Honestly, I’m all for just starting a new world and getting rid of the old, but it all depends on you, so give me comments! Or, alternatively, just /mail me, Veritas, eleljrk, or Sincorax in-game. But seriously, just comment. 😛

Anyway, that should do it until the update. See you all online!