Welcome to ByteCraft!  We’re a survival Minecraft server striving to grow our community and help people make friends.  Our server is founded on maturity—if you can’t deal with the rules and get along with people, there are plenty of other servers available. However, if you’re civil and willing to contribute, we’ll be happy to see you online!

ByteCraft is a Bukkit server, running up-to-date with multiple plugins for fun and administration. Our main world is currently restricted to eight thousand by eight thousand blocks and the nether is bordered at five thousand by five thousand.

We also have extensive anti-griefing measures in place, both preventative and retroactive. This includes Grief Prevention, which you can learn how to use in-game or here, as well as LogBlock for cleaning up after any griefing incidents which may occur. Rounding out our list of anti-griefing plugins are Anti X-Ray and LWC. In addition to these resources, we also have Tombstone to save your items if you have a chest at death. More information on plugins and commands can be found using the in-game /help command.

Now, on to building rights.  Once you join the server, you will be prompted to read the rules (which are provided in book form and on the site) and then proceed to an easy, three-question quiz.  If you pass, you get rights—it’s as simple as that.  Because of this rights system, we are able to operate without a whitelist, so anyone can visit at any time.

Once you join, you’ll probably be wondering about the basics—fall damage, TNT, and the like.  Right now, we’re running with TNT disabled, fall damage off, fire spread disabled, and creeper block (but not player) damage off.  Oh, and though fire spread isn’t allowed, you can still light fireplaces and things like that with flint and steel.

So then, if this sounds like a fun time to you, hop on and check us out!


A quick shout-out here to the folks at GameHacking.org for donating our domain name, as well as to Kevin Kite for help with setting things up and Biomass for helping me gain administrative experience.

You can contact us at .

A Minecraft server for fun, creativity, and community