Gettin’ Crafty

That’s MiriMine’s MineCity in the background—go check it out!

Hey guys!

Yep, I’m still alive. My laptop recently died (bad motherboard), so I haven’t been able to play much. However, I just got it back, and until the next time I have to send it in I should be around much more! I’ve started things off by adding in CraftBook, an awesome plugin with tons of functionality. Most people use it for gates, doors, or bridges, but you can also use its integrated circuits to make all sorts of circuits and automated contraptions.

On that list of ICs, I’ve removed access to the following due to concerns about server performance and/or unfair advantages: MC1110-MC1113, MC1212, MC1215, MC1216, MC1230, MC1237, MC1270, MC1273, and MC1275-MC1277. Also, this plugin will now be handling chairs (that is, right-clicking stairs to sit on them), so let the staff know if you’re having trouble with that. On top of CraftBook, we’ve also got a higher-resolution live map.

See ya online,