Hello again everyone!

The server has changed quite a bit overnight, so I thought it may be good to give a nice list here of everything that has changed recently or will change over the next day or two. Starting late last night, we have:

  • Grief Prevention is now our primary means of, well, preventing grief. If you’re having any trouble that the linked video didn’t help with, you can find more detailed information here.
  • Obviously, we have a new world with some fancy world generation. This one is 8km by 8km, with a spawn having size 200m by 200m.
  • Essentials’ /warp has been replaced by the more flexible and easy-to-use MyWarp. Info on usage can be found at that link, but it’s pretty straightforward.
  • DeathTpPlus, which we used for tombstones, has been replace by the less-glitchy and more resource-friendly Tombstone. Again, it’s very easy to useā€”just note that any tombstones will disappear five hours after being created.
  • New players now get a rule book when they join which includes info on how to get rights, so if they bug you just tell them to read it.
  • Dynmap now only shows what land has been explored (that’s why there’s so much black space), so if you want to go be a hermit or found your own town, go for it!
  • We now have a PVP zone at one corner of the map (check out the livemap to see where it is). Within the borders of this region, /warp, /home, /spawn, and /tp have been removed. Note that you can still have claims in this area, so there’s still some measure of protection with an interesting siege mechanic.

Today or tomorrow, I’ll be finishing up/putting in the following:

  • Competition plugins, including MonsterHunt, ManHunt, and perhaps MobArena.
  • Reducing dependency on LWC. With the addition of Grief Prevention, LWC can get in the way when you try to share a claim with another player, so LWC locking will no longer be automatic. If this becomes a problem, email or PM me or the other staff and let us know.

Also, for those who want the old world files, here’s a download for you. See you online!