Host Downtime

Hey all,

A new build over at /warp olympics, set up by Yjeez, Amdod, blockjunky123, and LilxScruFy (email me if I missed anyone!).

For those who are wondering what happened to the server over the weekend, here’s what’s up: our server host (SimpleNode) had some pretty severe hard drive failure—so severe, in fact, that we lost everything stored on the server. Thankfully, I did have some remote backups made in case we ran into an emergency like this. They were a week or so old though, so there have been rollbacks. Same goes for the site and forums, but I doubt anyone really noticed. Anyway, I’ve increased the frequency of our off-site backups for safety’s sake. If you have any more questions, email me or PM me on the forums!

See ya later,