Minecraft 1.0!

MineCon! It’s here!

MineCon. Eighteenth and nineteenth of November, Las Vegas, Nevada.That means time for Minecraft 1.0, and a refresh for the server. Later today, as soon as the new version is available (probably around 3:00 PM PST), I’ll go ahead and put up the new version of the server. Note that this will mean a reset for the world, but I will post the old world here in case you’d like to go ahead and download it.

With this update, you should know that we’re going to lose all commands, including /home, /spawn, etc, until Bukkit updates for the new Minecraft release. During this time, I will have a temporary map up since we’ll probably be griefed a lot while we wait for Bukkit.

Anyway, I should be on a bunch tomorrow to moderate, but probably go ahead and give a couple of people op (don’t ask me about it) so that the server doesn’t fall to pieces overnight. That’s about all that I can think of now, so go ahead and comment if you have questions!


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