It’s Feedback Time!

Heya peeps,

A redstone feedback loop, with sheep!
A redstone feedback loop, with sheep!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet dead silent recently—I’ve had a lot going on with work and classes in the past couple of weeks. Anyway, to distract myself from working (and posting on here), I’ve been tweaking the server and the site! You’ll probably notice that Trusted can now use /quiz and /rights again, and we’ve got a new sleep notification system so we can keep track of who’s not getting in bed (me). Also, I’ve just added OtherBlocks, a nifty plugin that adds the ability to change the ways blocks drop. Here’s the list of new features you’ll see from this:

  • Stairs drop stairs (with the correct tools).
  • Ice has a chance to drop with a golden pick.
  • Grass has a chance to drop with a golden hoe.
  • Boats drop boats, and bookshelves drop bookshelves.
  • Glass drops glass.
  • Glowstone may drop glowstone with a golden pick.
  • Finally, leaf blocks now have a chance of dropping leaves, apples, or golden apples.

On the web side of things, there’s a useful little widget on the right side of the site now that shows the server status and player count—useful if you don’t want to start Minecraft to check. The donate page has also been updated to reflect the new perks and levels. Finally, the comments page has been revised to now include a more user-friendly, flexible suggestion system—head on over and tell me what you want!

See ya!

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