Minecraft 1.8

Hey guys!

I know I said several times to several people that I would make a post about what’s going to happen with the new update in a few days, but I lost my internet access (xP), so I kinda couldn’t. Anyway, I’ve finally found the time and the wifi to do it, so here goes.

With the 1.8 update, as with any update, we’ll have a temporary world until we can update Bukkit and restore griefer protection. So basically, we’ll just go crazy on the temp world–build stuff, destroy stuff, but most importantly, explore! With all the new awesomeness in 1.8, don’t forget to go find it all!

As for the state of the world(s) when Bukkit is back up, the staff and I haven’t really decided yet. Honestly, I’m all for just starting a new world and getting rid of the old, but it all depends on you, so give me comments! Or, alternatively, just /mail me, Veritas, eleljrk, or Sincorax in-game. But seriously, just comment. 😛

Anyway, that should do it until the update. See you all online!


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  1. While I like the old map, there are a lot of things on it that nobody needs or appreciates anymore, I’m in favour of starting a new map from scratch, but may I suggest that you make the old server map available for download so that people who have become attached to their epic builds have the opportunity to edit them into single player maps or just so that they can admire their handiwork at a later date and have something to show for all the time they spent on them. Whatever you do, I respect your decision. Peace.

  2. Let’s start new. The new features can’t be fully realized unless the chunks are regenerated from scratch anyway. Keeping the world as-is (if it will even work properly) will ensure that we won’t get to explore the new content available from the 1.8 update.

    Sure I’ll be sad to lose all the work I’ve put into Bytecraft, however, starting fresh on 1.8 will be very exciting.

  3. The best thing to do would be to have both worlds co existing, at leaset for a little bit. If we have both worlds running for at least a week then people will have a chance to move all or most of their stuff from one world to another.

    But if we do start anew, giving everyone lots of materials to start out with would reduce the amount of grumpy people. Say half of or a full stack of diamonds, a few stacks of wood and smoothstone, redstone, Iron, gold, slimeballs, and seeds of all kinds.

  4. I’m thinking right now that a combination of the ideas STC and Martian presented would be a good move. First–and this is still tentative–we’ll probably have two worlds for two or so weeks. Then, once people have finished moving their stuff to the new world, I’ll post the old world on a new “Worlds” page here on the website. Sound good to everyone?

  5. Yes, Twili. According to Kyle’s latest post. We’d have around 2 weeks to move any and all items to the new world, although, as he said, this is still tentative.
    I agree with Kyle on this. I haven’t built a lot, but have done a lot of mining, so it would be nice to not have wasted all that time at y=10 dealing with lava and what-have-you for naught.
    And having access to the world files would be really awesome for players that have built detailed or intricate structures/circuits that want to make videos showing off their work without Sin and me messing up the video with our shenanigans. 😛

  6. Boo02, we would make it downloadable, even if it had to be a link to a MediaFire folder.
    And Biphenyl, we would have both the old world and the new world running on the server for about 2 weeks, during which time you can simply warp in between the two to gather up your items and move them to somewhere on the new world.

  7. oh and also i think it would be good if we could keep both the worlds forever, i have been on another server which has 4 world’s co-existing and you can warp between them.

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