For All KiteCraft Refugees

Hey everyone, welcome to the server! I know that this probably isn’t the way you were hoping to discover your next server, but we’re always happy to have more people at ByteCraft, and I think you’ll find that our server is a fun, stable, community-driven place. Anyway, if you’re looking for rights, talk to myself, Emost, Josh, Veri, or one of the VIPs if any of them are on, and one of us will be glad to help you! If you’re reading this, go ahead and check out our rules page, and the player commands, though most are the same as KiteCraft’s. Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing you all online. Peace.

Check out where are the KC peeps are building!

4 thoughts on “For All KiteCraft Refugees”

  1. Shocking to hear about the kitecraft bieng shutdown =( but i have good ideas for this server! Just saying
    im Marco… you know, Kitecraft player. Well i will be happy to join just a question is the server ip

    if not plz say coase im so excited to play with you guys!!!!!!

    From Mmarco Kitecraft Refugee

    p.s i saw some pictures and i think this is going to be epic!

  2. Hey its me again i just wanted to say im in Italy for a bit of the holiday and sadly my laptop cant handle
    Minecraft so i will only manage to get on for a short period of time and also im able to connect to the server [internet connection probably?] so ill be on after a while

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