September Happenings

Hey, everyone! Here’s some news to brighten your dreary Monday! 

1) Kyle has officially transferred ownership of Bytecraft to Amdod, though the desire is to view the server as a co-ownership venture of the Admins. Should any issues arise that are owner-related, they will fall to Amdod.

2) Yet another Administrator has been added to the Bytecraft ranks, this time with Yvvel. Some of you may know him as LonewolfX099 (his username until last February), but he’s been brought on to help Amdod and Miri with the technical side of things.

3) We hope to have a new map up and running within one month, and it should be very similar to the Bytecraft experience you’re familiar with. No major changes. We will try to replace a couple of plugins with vanilla functionality, as well as try to bring back some previously popular plugins that never made their way onto the previous map.

4) There are quite a few things to work out still, such as ranks, donations/rewards, website updating, etc., so we don’t have much specific detail on what changes you may see…yet.

5) In the meantime, we are moving away from Teamspeak and toward a new (and better, in our opinion) application called Discord. Several Bytecrafters, including each of your Admins, have already begun to use this neat service and we’d love for you all to join us, even if you’re not crazy about talking or even playing Minecraft/Bytecraft (I think everyone on Discord has been playing other games lately). It’s a great platform to communicate, keep in touch, and stay up to date on happenings. Discord is free and can be accessed via browser, desktop app, or mobile app. If you have any questions or want a Discord server invite, just get in touch with Amdod, Miri, or Yvvel, and we can help you out.

In a sort of closing, if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see implemented, suggestions for how to get people excited and involved, comments on how amazing Amdod is, thoughts on potential rule changes or website features, or maybe even concerns with all of the recent changes, feel free to let us know! We can’t promise to implement everything that we’re given, but it will be beneficial to help us be able to gain a deeper understanding of how to guide the server moving forward.

(Sorry for no picture…WordPress is being a pain with images right now)

Gettin’ Crafty

That’s MiriMine’s MineCity in the background—go check it out!

Hey guys!

Yep, I’m still alive. My laptop recently died (bad motherboard), so I haven’t been able to play much. However, I just got it back, and until the next time I have to send it in I should be around much more! I’ve started things off by adding in CraftBook, an awesome plugin with tons of functionality. Most people use it for gates, doors, or bridges, but you can also use its integrated circuits to make all sorts of circuits and automated contraptions.

On that list of ICs, I’ve removed access to the following due to concerns about server performance and/or unfair advantages: MC1110-MC1113, MC1212, MC1215, MC1216, MC1230, MC1237, MC1270, MC1273, and MC1275-MC1277. Also, this plugin will now be handling chairs (that is, right-clicking stairs to sit on them), so let the staff know if you’re having trouble with that. On top of CraftBook, we’ve also got a higher-resolution live map.

See ya online,


Hello again everyone!

The server has changed quite a bit overnight, so I thought it may be good to give a nice list here of everything that has changed recently or will change over the next day or two. Starting late last night, we have:

  • Grief Prevention is now our primary means of, well, preventing grief. If you’re having any trouble that the linked video didn’t help with, you can find more detailed information here.
  • Obviously, we have a new world with some fancy world generation. This one is 8km by 8km, with a spawn having size 200m by 200m.
  • Essentials’ /warp has been replaced by the more flexible and easy-to-use MyWarp. Info on usage can be found at that link, but it’s pretty straightforward.
  • DeathTpPlus, which we used for tombstones, has been replace by the less-glitchy and more resource-friendly Tombstone. Again, it’s very easy to use—just note that any tombstones will disappear five hours after being created.
  • New players now get a rule book when they join which includes info on how to get rights, so if they bug you just tell them to read it.
  • Dynmap now only shows what land has been explored (that’s why there’s so much black space), so if you want to go be a hermit or found your own town, go for it!
  • We now have a PVP zone at one corner of the map (check out the livemap to see where it is). Within the borders of this region, /warp, /home, /spawn, and /tp have been removed. Note that you can still have claims in this area, so there’s still some measure of protection with an interesting siege mechanic.

Today or tomorrow, I’ll be finishing up/putting in the following:

  • Competition plugins, including MonsterHunt, ManHunt, and perhaps MobArena.
  • Reducing dependency on LWC. With the addition of Grief Prevention, LWC can get in the way when you try to share a claim with another player, so LWC locking will no longer be automatic. If this becomes a problem, email or PM me or the other staff and let us know.

Also, for those who want the old world files, here’s a download for you. See you online!


Revamp or Refresh? Tell Us What You Want!

Anything here sound good (or bad) to you? Then speak up!

Hey everyone!

You may have noticed already, but over in the forums there’s a pretty active discussion going on regarding several major changes to the server, the most far-reaching of which would be the creation of a new map. So, if you want your voice heard, head on over to the forum thread! My thoughts on everything are already there, as are those of Yjeez, Amdodson, and several of the regular players. Just to make sure no one misunderstands though, I’ll say this: everything is still up in the air. No major decisions have been made, so don’t worry about what hasn’t happened yet! Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to everyone’s feedback.


Host Downtime

Hey all,

A new build over at /warp olympics, set up by Yjeez, Amdod, blockjunky123, and LilxScruFy (email me if I missed anyone!).

For those who are wondering what happened to the server over the weekend, here’s what’s up: our server host (SimpleNode) had some pretty severe hard drive failure—so severe, in fact, that we lost everything stored on the server. Thankfully, I did have some remote backups made in case we ran into an emergency like this. They were a week or so old though, so there have been rollbacks. Same goes for the site and forums, but I doubt anyone really noticed. Anyway, I’ve increased the frequency of our off-site backups for safety’s sake. If you have any more questions, email me or PM me on the forums!

See ya later,

Changin’ Times

Hello again!

Check it out, a new NyanVille! It's at /warp Nyanville2.0 if you want to check it out.

I just swapped out our official CraftBukkit build with the faster Spigot. If you run into any trouble, let me know! Also, I’m looking at switching to a new server host sometime this weekend, so we may have some downtime; I’ll let you know ahead of time if it looks likely.

Anyway, I should have some more free time this weekend (just had two exams and a project due this week, so things got pretty crazy), so hopefully I’ll see some of you online!


Lag Issues

Hey guys,

Yep, this is spawn for now.

I know we’ve been having a lot of lag spikes lately, but they seem to be on-and-off. For those who are interested, they seem to be caused by the new update, and not our host. While there is a workaround, it unfortunately causes a different bug to become even more troublesome, so we’re really just stuck until Mojang and/or the Bukkit team update. Hopefully we’ll see a release from one or both of them in the near future to fix these bugs (Mojang has said they’re working on a version 1.3.2), but until then, try to hang in there!


Bukkit Is Up

Hey everyone!

You know you read that in his voice.

I’ve put in the new Bukkit installation, so we should be set to go! Note that a couple plugins (namely MagicCarpet, Citizens, and SimpleReserve) aren’t updated, so those features will return shortly.

The world is 15,000 by 15,000 blocks, with spawn at 200 by 200 blocks, so run for a while and good luck!


Movin’ On Up

Hey everyone!

Dusk at a mushroom island, with Twili and Lith on the hill.

It seems to me that it’s about time to let everyone know what’s going on with the new world and the server in general. So, here we go!

Tomorrow, I plan to update the server to the new Bukkit version with all the plugins, assuming the basic plugins (WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Essentials, PermissionsEx, etc.) are working correctly. When the server is up and running, all Trusted players will be demoted to the Builder rank. For those of you that are currently Trusted, know that there’s a good chance you’ll be promoted back up pretty quickly, especially if you’re active on the server.

The new world will be 15,000 blocks by 15,000 blocks with normal-sized biomess; the Nether will be expanded to 3000 blocks by 3000 blocks. I’ve decided on a specific seed that gives us several mushroom biomes and not too much ocean to have to deal with, but for those who were wondering, there are no plans for any Skylands world. When Bukkit is up and running, everything will be built entirely without the aid of plugins. Spawn (which will now be 200 blocks by 200 blocks) and any other server- or admin-related projects will be built by hand, without and cheats or admin powers, and there will be no creative zones—it will be a survival server.

Lastly, please vote for the server here and here! It’s easy and helps us get more players, which means more donors and a longer life for the server! At one year and going strong, we’re older than many Minecraft servers and I’m hoping we’ll still be up and running next August!

EDIT: Due to slow upload speeds and the large size of the new map, the update will be delayed until tomorrow (Saturday).

Thanks for reading my mini-rant,

Plugins and Things

Hello everyone!

Daytime at /warp canopy.
Daytime at /warp canopy, a new town from Rashoni. Go check it out!

Over the past few days, I’ve been updating the server and switching out plugins (props to Twili for helping out!), so I figured it might be good to let everyone know what’s changed and what all you can do. So, here we go:

  • Game difficulty is now at normal, so watch out for them zombies!
  • Silk touch picks should now work correctly for spawners—no more pigs from skellies!
  • Death messages are back to default, as the custom ones were glitchy.
  • Three new plugins:
    • BlockHat, which allows you to wear blocks on your head.
    • Comfort, which lets you sit on steps by sneaking and then right-clicking.
    • Citizens, which let us finally finish the Hall of Donors at /spawn.
  • MagicCarpet is back for donors.
  • For Trusted, /tempban has been removed (you can still /demote).
  • LogBlock should now only work for Trusted+… in theory.
  • MobRider hasn’t been updated in forever, so I’m looking into an alternative.

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. If you have any questions, ask away on the forums or email me!


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